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Rushing through the supermarket on the way home from work. Grabbing lunch on the go while fueling up the car. Ordering clothes online and returning them in the store. These are the ways consumers move throughout their busy day – and they expect retailers to support their demands seamlessly and flexibly. NCR is committed to helping you build a cohesive ecosystem to succeed in meeting consumer expectations today while preparing for tomorrow.

We invite you to join us at NRF 2018 for Experience Reimagined. See firsthand how your customers move between digital and physical channels as they shop, and explore new opportunities to engage them at every turn by optimizing key areas of your enterprise:
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Store Transformation: Brick-and-mortar remains the heart of the enterprise with more than 90% of sales taking place in-store, but winning retailers are rethinking the physical environment for more personalized, convenient and flexible experiences. Walk through the continuous engagement between consumer and brand from home to store.

Digital Engagement: Experience a spectrum of touch points that support seamless, personalized experiences – from the consumer’s point of view. From boosting loyalty to creating new opportunities for revenue growth, see how we can help you create individualized engagement with ease and simplicity.

Actionable Insights: Follow a store manager in a “day in the life” as he positively and measurably impacts business by reducing costs, improving revenues and margins, optimizing inventory and more. From HQ down to individual store lanes, make informed, data-based decisions that can help you outpace competitors by 2-3X on sales, margins, and profits.

Supply Chain & Operations: It’s estimated that 46% of retailers have lost $1M in revenue due to challenges with omni-channel execution. Learn how we help mitigate that by helping retailers streamline and coordinate their operations – getting the right products to the right place at the right time to meet customer demand and increase sales.

Book a tour of our retail journeys or schedule time with one of our experts to learn more. Can’t make it to NRF 2018? No problem, let’s talk – we would love to hear from you.

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