The NCR RealScan 79™ takes you beyond the bar code

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Introducing the next generation scanner from NCR, the RealScan™ 79 Bi-Optic Imager. This all-imaging scanner not only provides high performance imaging, but boasts the largest imaging scan zone in its class. With an innovative design, the RealScan 79 takes you beyond the bar code and builds a foundation for your scanning future like never before.
Ask yourself…
"How can scanning help with store security?"
“How can I read 1D/2D AND Mobile bar codes?”
“Will softer illumination help my cashier interaction?”

“What can a smart network scanner do for you?”
“How can my scanner help train cashiers?”
“How can my scanner be more intuitive?”
Here's a sneak peek of the RealScan 79 Bi-Optic Imager